Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I hate that I haven't had time to blog. Though my huzbin sighs anytime he hears me at the computer. School is sooo close to the end I can taste it! Checking off things of the EOY checklist and just telling myself I can make it 5 more days. My kids are nuts and ready for time off. They worked hard this year, but boy did kindergarten do me in. I so looking forward to being back in 1st next year. {it helps that I meet my whole grade level last week and they are fabulous..woo hoo!}

so I'll leave with some more Martha Baby zine wonderfulness..

who's that left-handed girl??... {@ Avery's age}

aahh the Lost finale tonite. Sad, happy all in one.


LizzieJane said...

How lovely that soon summer vacation will soon start. I always enjoyed having my daughter home for all those weeks.
I am so looking forward to the finale of Lost too, but I will be sad also.

Stephanie said...

I also hate not being able to blog when I want to. But I love coming to your blog. Always refreshing.'re almost done with school!!! That's great! We have a few more weeks...counting down the days. :D

dennimd said...

I think we can....I think we can....I think we can......make it 5 more days!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you are :) We will have to wait the beginning of July in France... and still so many homeworks... i want some holiday ;) Spring :) and sun :) Have a good day Kellie :) xo

Amy said...

Hey Kellie,
Thought I would pop over to visit after seeing your comment on my post. Wow, summer holidays already? We are not even half way through term yet and I can already feel the panic in me beginning to rise - 6 whole weeks to entertain ahhh. Really won't be any time for blogging then!!! x