Sunday, May 31, 2009


sometimes it's
throwing toys
not sharing
whining the other has (insert random item) and they don't

but sometimes it's this...
and I forget about the other times.

I am so lucky to have my two babes and that they have each other. My fave thing lately is Bryce reading books to his baby sister. And when they say goodnite to each other and hug/ is too precious. I wonder how Bryce will look upon being the big brother in a few more years. =) {they are 3 1/2 years apart}


Anonymous said...

It does remind me my own childhood :) screaming, throwing toys, not sharing, crying, fighting... I love my brothers :) Lovely post ! Have a good day :) Hugs

LizzieJane said...

How sweeet and precious. One minute they can be at each other like cats and dogs and then be the best of friends.

Victoria said...

I know what you mean - my youngest tends to squabble with the older and because the older never likes to be stern there's always "mum", "mum" being called out. Also the babe tends to tease her sister because of this. Every school day though, Leila is first in the line waiting for her big sister to come out. Every day she runs up and kisses her and then walks holding her hand home. I MUST take my camera with me - you've prompted me!

Amy said...

I feel your pain/joy! My two are 3.5 years apart too. We often joke about Molly bringing her friends home when she reaches 16 (now 1). Sam (now 4) will no doubt be all over them like a rash!
Btw - gunna add you as a fave on my blog so I remember to visit more often xxx

Bethany said...

I love this photo!!! I think with a mom like you, they are bound to be kind to each other!! The whole fighting thing is just how kids learn to work out differences and to be social beings. It passes. Your kid are great!!