Saturday, February 13, 2010

ain't love grand

...that was on the invitation for my couples shower that my aunties threw for Paul & I way back when.

oh love....I heart Valentine's day. Love all the hearts, the pink & red and the lovey-dovey cutesy stuff this holiday brings. Love my huzbin & my two sweeties

I think I have a theme of coffee and Valentine's love goin on. See this post from last year

i had first engagment shoot last weekend. It was sooo fun...



Go and enter yourself here for a chance to win one of Amy's fab jewelry creations by Valentine's day. Love her necklaces! Maybe one day I'll get to own one. {too bad my huzbin does not read my blog}

and we have SNoW!! Avery is so excited.


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's!

Jessica said...

Those engagement photos are lovely!

Chelsea said...

How fun! I get to do my first engagement photos in April for my Sister-in-law! I can't wait!!!