Tuesday, July 7, 2009

time flies

when you are making s'mores

...our trip to Michigan went by too fast. We had such a awesome time being in the same place with everyone. Our Grandpa's loved his 90th party...we just partied nonstop all weekend =) The weather was perfect, the stomach bug finally stopped, and we had an uneventful pane ride!

bbfcousins in the making!
isn't that sand crazy!


Jessica said...

That's the best sand. The preschool I worked at this past year had colored sand. Don't good times always fly too fast??!?

dennimd said...

I want that sand box!!!! I am so glad you guys had so much fun and I know it was so special for your Grandpa!

Bethany said...

I've never seen pink sand! It sounds like a fabulous time and lots of great memories!! Now I have to think about getting s'more ingredients... we haven't done that yet this summer and I'm hungry for them!!

LizzieJane said...

Pink sand, how wonderful! I haven't had s'mores for years, now you have wanting some!
Grandpa must have been thrilled to have you celebrate his 90th birthday, my what a milestone.

Anonymous said...

Your pink sand is incredible ! I have never seen that before !