Sunday, August 30, 2009

well, now that August is over & all the fun busy/crazyness that it was,, maybe I'll have time to post about it!
School started off totally great..I am loving my school. my team is awesome & students are wonderful to boot! Avery turned three {really that day she started talking even more and saying such big girl things} Oh she'll always be my baby girl.

My mom, Auntie, and Avery went to see Dora at the Fox theatre. Avery's first! It was a good show and Avery was into it the whole time. I thought she'd sing more, but she was totally entralled at the stage.

Auntie Connie {Avery's Godmother} with Avery and my mom


Jessica said...

What a fun night out!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Avery ! School is starting this coming thursday here :)