Friday, June 19, 2009

me & my shadow

find your shadow...
follow it.
up & down, over & under
around & around.
it is always yours.
where does it lead you?

can you tell I have been at a writing & reading workshop all week? Glad I went, but glad to get back to summer. It is officially summer here in the south with soaring temperatures. Too hot for me that is fo sure.


Jessica said...

Reading and writing workshops sound fun...although enjoying summertime sounds like even more!

Mandy @ Belle and Boo said...

what a lovely thing to do, I miss writting, it's so calming focusing the mind in that way.

Victoria said...

My youngest Leila, who's 2, is big into shadows right now - we have to wave at ours whenever there's enough sun around, which isn't every day for us right now!

Anonymous said...

I've lost my shadow :) Maybe it's too dark here :))) or maybe i should take my sunglasses off ?
When i was a child, i used to jump on my shadow to get it stuck ;)
Still cold in Paris (the wind is cold)