Tuesday, March 10, 2009

snow daze

Snow 09 093hooray for a snow day from school!
We had a blast in the snow, having hot chocolate by the fire, and eating too much. I had fun taking photos in the wet snowflakes with a bag over my camera..ha! Avery acted like she played in the
snow every daySnow 09 110

Avery snowboots

Snow 09 060

Snow 09 062Snow 09 042Snow 09 070Snow 09 088

Snow 09 036

so beautiful against the bright blue sky the next day, melting snow, crisp air, the tinest buds awaiting to bloom...

Snow 09 144

...it reminded me of cotton

Snow 09 131

Snow 09 120

I FINALLY started on Twilight. I do not know what took me so long, but I am now addicted!!! I have read two and cannot wait to start the third!!

....now the weather is in the 70's!!!!


Di said...

All those snow pictures look fantastic! It looks like the kids were enjoying it....and now temperatures in the 70s ....how bizarre

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics !!!

Chelsea said...

Beautiful pictures as always!! i Love them! Glad it's in the 70's now though.
Twilight!!!! Crazy some of us get all in a huff over vampires! Have you seen the movie yet? I'm seeing it again for sure when it comes out! I'll probably make Rob see it with me this time!

Stephanie said...

Ok...these are great pictures. :D It does look like cotton..or cotton candy. :D YummY! So, you're a Twilight fan? Um..I'm going to Forks!! Yes, I just found out..want me to bring you back something? :D

Bethany said...

Do you know what a great photographer you are???!!! Seriously. I think you need to think about selling some photos... let me know... I'll send you a consignment letter!!!